About Us

We, at Flawless Fair, believe that beauty comes from inside out and by being the best version of ourselves. Looking and feeling beautiful should be independent of how you choose to adjust your features, rather should be anchored to you looking your best self. We cater to people from all walks of life, men and women, and of all age groups because we realize that everyone has the right to feel beautiful.

Skin is the window to everything that goes on inside our bodies, whether it’s stress, dehydration, bad diet, sleep deprivation and what not?! Our skin goes through so much; bouts of cystic acne, clingy dry patches or texture, you name it. It is a direct barrier between our internal and external environment, and with the current pollution levels it is unbelievable the amount of wear and tear our skin goes through. Our skincare products will make your skin youthful, rejuvenated and breathtakingly beautiful while preventing a lot of damage that the environment may potentially cause. We promise!

Along with an excellent skincare range, we also offer premium hair care products, human hair wigs, make up, nail care, foot care among the many products we want you to add to your shopping cart. Our hair care is the best there is and will leave your hair an envy for all no matter what your hair type is. Our wigs are made with the best craftsmanship for a little experimentation with your look here and there .  We offer anything and everything you require to feel like a better version of yourself; and feel ‘beautified’.

Our business strategy sets us apart from all else because we prioritize customer satisfaction, our customers are who we value more than anything. We offer extraordinary customer service that focuses on primarily avoiding any inconvenience to our customers and resolving them as they arise facilitating our esteemed customers to the best of our abilities. We guarantee the best quality products, discounts and the most memorable shopping experience for you.


We offer free shipping on all products.  Estimated delivery time:  5 – 13 business days